The Centre for Environomic Synergy is not a “think tank”.

Instead, we aspire to serve as an “idea sprinkler”,  among other things.

We are not a non-profit organization. (We very much enjoy making money!)

We just prefer to get things done without exploiting a crew of underpaid interns.

Because our work enables us to skip all that fundraising and promotions and schmoozing, we can focus entirely on empowering those we work with and for; achieving our aims, by furthering yours.

The Centre for Environomic Synergy is a virtual organization.

For now “we” are even speaking (and writing) in the infinitive!

Though we are ‘integrating generalists’, we do have specialties that combine powerfully; to make our analytical expertise the foundation of our eco-footprinting, greenhouse gas accounting, disclosure request response and other heuristic modelling systems and services.

With these; we can uncover hidden insights, to help leverage learning with creativity; to drive innovation and progress – not by pooling insight in “tanks” – but by sprinkling  these gems far-and-wide.

This defines our mission, our means, and our methods: To counter uncertainty with rationality; using skepticism to discipline our endeavours; working to advance our collective interests; not merely in discrete terms; but in an environomic sense, comprising operational excellence in every dimension.

Because we would much rather spend our time doing things that are value-adding (such as the E.N/F and The Environomy.com/Review); this homepage of ours will remain rather sparse for the time being.

We regret this lack of detail, but would be most pleased to more than make-it-up to you. This is especially true if you want to leverage your existing (and legacy) operational performance data, to establish a ‘defensible’ and scientifically-valid ‘proof of claim’, in support of *all* your life-cycle inventory, environmental compliance, sustainability reporting, eco-labelling, or other (macro-scale) material flow analyses. This is ‘right up our alley’, so to speak (and we would enjoy talking with you about this at length).

In Toronto, dial local 416-428-1716 or from elsewhere in Canada or the USA dial long distance 1+416-428-1716.

International callers please dial 001+416-428-1716. Ask to speak with our founder Ravi Karumanchiri, or otherwise please send your email message to ‘director AT environomy DOT org’.